Friday, 1 January 2016

Day 9 ( Kumta to Mullikatte ) 102 kilometres

Welcome 2016
1 January 2016

Resided in the Kumta Railway Quarters yesterday
But was alone -just the house and me -as the lady master had night duty.
Got up at 4:45 am rounded up my stuff freshened up shared a cup of chai with Mr Ganesh Rao and left exactly at 6:15 am
Being the night after 31st I was scared of the traffic on the road for obvious reasons
But then I thought about my cycle me and the journey ahead and realized there could be no better way to start a new year !
As always covered a greater distance smoothly in the morning hours
There was no tree to rest under on the road so continued to ride in the sun with hourly breaks unfortunately on an empty stomach.
1-2 truckwalas managed to put me off course and into the small roadside ditch another came at me like a raging bull and blew the horn loud enough to startle me! But I was very much aware and alert (as one has to be at such times) so it was ok
Today's rasta was mostly straight thus could complete the ride early
The last few kms had a stretch of small ghats ..didn't feel like tackling these after a spending most of the day riding a flat track but the next moment I saw a bluish hope lingering on the horizon and on taking a closer look it hit me that it was the sea !
Bas..a fire ignited in me ..intensity increased ...without a second thought I pedalled with all my might towards my hope the sea shore 

Was extremely tired on reaching but the serenity of the sea soothed me ..there itself I sat in the sand for a long time taking in the tranquillity... After awhile my attention wandered and my sight fell on an ice creamwala who apparently had been observing my antics since the time I arrived - me suddenly getting off the cycle and sitting in the sand, laughing alone (creepy)clicking pictures - 

He finally came and asked what I was up to ..... In Kannada ..yet we managed to converse somehow ! He offered me ice cream and refused to take a penny for it ..a deaf ear to my requests as he ultimately kept the money on my bag and left happily
Spent some more time on the beach ( who in the right mind wouldn't?! ) and then Left to reach Mullikatte.
Today my energy boosters were the numerous school kids I met along the way whose zeal and excitement pepped me up
I am now staying with Mr Bhaskar Shetty and his family at their house
Its an interesting situation I am in because the couple knows only Kannada whereas mera toh door door tak rishta nahi hai ! it feels like I m in South
Yet somehow with gestures and selective words we are managing to have great conversations ..
If thoughts connect you need not know a different language to express them !
The Shettys live in a beautiful house with a nice garden abundant in coconut trees
After a long day on the road this is the type of house you wish to come back to= #happiness
Had a great first day of 2016 !


  1. Hay! Happy new year and Happy riding as well!!!!
    I read about your journey in yesterday's newspaper. It is absolutely amazing & wonderful thing that you are following your dream!
    would definitely follow your journey every day through your blog... keep writing...
    My best for whatever you do in life!!