Saturday, 16 January 2016

Day 24 16 Back Home

Celebrating My Special Day
16 January 2016

After a tiring train journey of almost 46 hours, I reached Mumbai at 4.40 am. Just as I got down with the two panniers, I saw my father running towards me and within seconds, he had pulled me in a tight hug. A father never speaks words, but his actions always show how much his children mean to him! My mom and Aunt had come to receive me too. Without wasting much time, I went to luggage car. It was a messy sight. There was a lot of luggage and my cycle was kept on the upper rack. Thankfully, it was in good state with no damage to it.
Then I took my cycle to complete the octroi and gate pass formalities. As it were the wee hours of morning, everyone was half asleep. After running around for a bit, we reached the correct office for getting a pass made. Mr. Tavde from Parcel office helped us to get the pass quickly. After completing all the formalities, we came out of the station. Many of my friends from Panvel were waiting for me. After a round of tea, we all left for Panvel.
I am going home, more confident than ever before and with new challenges in my mind..
I have lived a dream for past 1 month and now,
some new ones await me !

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