Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day 14 Kozikode to Guruvayur (110 Kilometres)

In Dreamland....
6 January 2016

Today I started at 06:15. As soon as I began riding I had to face a steep climb to reach the main road. After cycling 3 kms I reached the highway.
Since morning there was continuous headwind and the route was full of ups and downs. This was tiring.. After spending long time yesterday to repair the brakes even today the rear brake was malfunctioning. I stopped twice to tighten it but all in vain.
I had my lunch at Tirur. On enquiring in cycle shops it came to my notice that no one had experience in disk brake repairs and thus I had to take time to do it myself. I started from Tirur at 01:00pm. I had to travel 50 more kms now, but the road was plane with patches of sun and shade.

In the afternoon I met many school kids going back home on their cycles. they all must have felt something different about me and so they accompanied me for a while. We also tried to communicate using broken English and hand gestures. All I could convey perfectly to them was that I was riding solo from Mumbai to Kanyakumari. On my way I was blessed with chilled watermelon juice. what more could I want.

Now I am staying in Guruvayoor with Mrs. Bindu.. She served me with bananas, chips and tea on reaching her place. Being in the banana states for so many days today for the first time I had so many at a time..

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