Thursday, 14 January 2016

DAY 22 Kanyakumari to Panvel Train Journey

14 January 2016

ETD (of train) 0655 hrs from Kanyakumari station but since I had to "drop off" my cycle in the luggage bogey my ETA (at station) was 0500 hrs- good thing too as it took quite a while to load it and get it settled! 

Train pulled out a little late from the station ... My return journey had begun ..the last 21 days rapidly flashed before my eyes much like the train that was covering the distance on its journey back...leaving everything behind
After some moments i settled - the next 43 HRS were going to me and my thoughts (solitude)

A family from Kerala was sitting across me observing me in rapt attention .. ( little creepy!) but creepiness went away once i got to know that they had read about me in the newspaper 
Eventually someone took the initiative to start a conversation and we got talking
They offered to have lunch with them -good thing too as i got to eat yummy home cooked chicken and fish
Can't explain the happiness I'm experiencing .. I'm thrilled
I keep remembering the road with the breezy trees ...(bliss)
The last 21 days constantly keep playing in my mind like a cassette on rewind ....
Wishing this journey never ends!

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