Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Day 13 Thalessery to Kozhikode (80 Kilometres)

Last 500 to go
5 January 2016

Today I started at 06:30
I was carrying my packed breakfast made by Mrs. Balan. I had my breakfast at around 08:30

Today the rear wheel brake of my bicycle was not functioning normally but I had no time to spend in repairing it, so I decided to repair it after completion of today's ride in the evening. So the entire day I had to ride with the use of only front brake.

Today I got a chance to visit Kappad beach on my way. Vasco da Gama had arrived in India at this place for the first time through a sea route. It was a beautiful beach. I sat for a while on the beach and then left for Kozhikode. Today I was going to stay at Mrs. Reena Thomas' home. She was going to meet me near Kozhikode Medical college. So it was my task to find this place now. I tried asking 2-3 people but language acted as a big barrier. 

Finally I saw a young guy who I felt could converse in English but that too in vain. He then called over few friends n finally after a big discussion with hand gestures and broken English I finally got an idea of the way. After going ahead there were 2 ways to reach the place. People advised ne to take a short cut. But it was completely uphill.. Finally I reached Mrs. Reena's place at about 2:30 pm. I had lunch and took a nap in the afternoon. The family served me with hot coffee and snacks and to add to it yummy cupcakes.. I tasted boiled banana today. I never knew it could taste so good.
In the evening I had to get my cycle repaired. It was so full in dust that I had to actually bathe it.. While repairing the breaks the assembly had jammed and I had to use all my strength to loosen it. It took me around 20 mins to do that. Now I had to check all well and tighten the breaks. I was getting frustrated while doing all this but I managed to somehow complete the task.

Today I learned that patience is very important while doing any kind of work. Now my cycle was ready for the final stretch of 500 Kms


  1. Hii,,
    I am regular reader of your blog from day 1. I was waiting for today's post from morning, and also worried..
    Take care, all d best.. have a safe and happy ride!!

  2. Thanks a lotfor caring n supporting me..

  3. Thanks a lotfor caring n supporting me..