Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 8 ( Sadashivgad to Kumta ) 77 kilometres

Celebrating New year's eve ..!
31 December 2015

Early morning start
Left quite early today at 6:20 itself .. It was dark..yet I left beacause today being the last day of the year most people are in the mood to revel . To avoid this 'traffic' decided to reach my destination early !
Don't know about others but im ecstatic today simply because I'm ending this year and about to start the new year with my beloved cycle
Yayyy...!-carried on the tradition in fact of last year as on this same date in 2014 I was out riding on the roads of Telangana


Soon on leaving Sadashivgad i could see the coastline 
Couldn't resist the urge of going and just staring at that vast sea for some moments ( who can?)
Went on further ,had breakfast and in one go crossed Ankola
It was 10:00 am and I still had 40kms to complete.

NHAI work in progress
These 40kms were riddled with diversions and traffic ...
roadwork woes ...
Finally after 3 long hours in a vehicular dust storm- i reached Kumta at 1:00 pm
Currently I am staying with Soumya Joshi at Kumta, to whom I was referred by Ganesh Rao, who is a railways station master at Kumta
Both these contacts are courtsey of Kanitkar Kaka - thank you!

Currently I am staying with Soumya Joshi at Kumta, to whom I was referred by Ganesh Rao, who is a railways station master at Kumta
Both these contacts are courtsey of Kanitkar Kaka - thank you!
The family I'm staying with is very nice
They have a small son
Which means - masti time

The last day of the year has been fantastic for me .. Ending on a high note ...

Amogh n me
Mr. n Mrs. Kadam (Sadashivgad)

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Day 7 ( Margao to Sadashivgad ) 65 Kilometres

I'm in ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ
30 December 2015

Today got up early packed my stuff and started cycling at 6:35
Today again a day of climbs and descents thus my speed reduced as I rode on further.
Had to suffice on my food stash for breakfast today because being on the outskirts nothing opens till 9:30
So I stopped at a bus stop and crunched down an apple and some biscuits and then left
Arrived at Canacona at 10:30
Here I gobbled up an amlet pav and drank kafi

On the way to Canacona I hit a 4km ghat which was lined with trees thus giving ample shade and made the ride pleasant 
The road beyond Canacona was with the sun beating down but thankfully after a few ups and downs I hit a nice stretch - a grass road with shade on both sides and quaint little houses whose compounds were decked with Christmas decorations 
After this lovely ride again hit a dry patch for 16kms - sun no shade 
The last 6-7 kms encountered strong headwinds which made pedalling difficult so had to put in a lot of effort and strength but finally reached my destination - Sadashivgad 7 kms before Karwar 
I'll be residing with Mr and Mrs Kadam today 

Also entered state no. 3 - Karnataka (KA)
Clicked a photo at the check post demarcating the Goa-KA border

Margao railway girl employees ....had amazing time ..!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Day 6 (Madure to Margoa ) 75 kilometres

Welcome GOA (500+ Done)
29 December 2015

Today morning it was cold (brr) so started late by 8:00 am meaning the rest of the ride took place in the sun 
After small ups and downs ( the usual) reached panjim.
The last few kilometres in panjim got stuck in traffic so much so that no space to stop!
Rode further on but didn't find any place to have lunch so had to satisfy stomach with sandwiches and kafi.
Continued on and reached Margao (goa's 2nd largest city ) by 5:00pm

Here Sunil Raj on behalf of Nehru Yuva Kedra felicitated me ! Plus the ladies of the Women's Unity Group gave me beautiful handmade flowers.

Currently i am living with the Margao railway girl employees at the railway quarters
These girls are amazing !
Nitin Kanitkar kaka helped in getting this accommodation -thank you!
From today onwards matrubasha (marathi) ko bye
Ab rashtriya bhasha ka upyog hoga aage se!
i.e. Hindi

Since it started late today my further plans too got disturbed especially had to climb more time in the sun
But alls well now
Stationed at a nice quite place ....

                                      Can we be the change we want to see?

Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 5 (Talere to Madure) 95 kilometres

Coffee kafi strong thi !
28 December 2015

Went to sleep late yesterday so started the ride a little later than usual, at around 7:15 am.
Today's road was mostly flat. Reached Kankavali at 8:45 am and had breakfast.
Since I hadn't slept much the previous night, I was taking 'mini -naps' while riding So took a much needed caffeine break - good old reliable KAFI!
Instantly was rejuvenated - set forth to continue the ride - Coffee kafi strong thi !
With this boost reached kudal at 12:30 pm
where I had lunch.

From here on had to reach Madure.
The sun was coming on strong. 
After a few kilometres I came across Sawantwadi bypass.

After taking the bypass I completed the next stretch of 18 kilometres in one go primarily because there was nothing to provide shade (realize the imp of a trees in instances like these!). the stretch took a toll on me as felt slightly tired after completing it.
To reach Madure needed to take a right from Khamdev Fata. From here it was as if I was in one of those video games wherein you have to make the character take endless lefts and rights to make it reach its destination!
Finally after 5-6 (ONLY ) turns I got to my destination!

Today ill be staying at the Walawalkars'. 
Though the sun did reduce my speed considerably, the day was good.

              I'll Just Have a Cup of Coffee


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Day 4 ( Hatkhamba to Talere ) 97 kilometres

Ups & Downs
27 December 2015

Started off at 6:30 am
Immediately hit a climbing stretch on leaving hathkhamba
Rode on till devadhe where i had breakfast pedalled on further and soon left lanja behind.
Didn't have lunch today as couldn't find place to eat enroute so had aai- made chivda on ghat that came after rajapur. There itself met a family which enquired about what i was doing and also gave me bunch of bananas (help comes in all ways when you need it!)There was no stretch on the ghat which had shade so suffered slightly due to the sun
2:00-2:30 took rest at a petrol pump2:30 - the second sun ride - but now i directly reached kharepatan-enquired about the route till talere at a police chowki- not only did they tell me the route but also gave me the nos. of the police chowkis stationed at Sindhudurga and places i would pass ahead saying that whenever and whatever you need or if you face any problem we are just a call away. Dial without any hesitation there will be car by your side in the shortest possible time !
Goa Calling..

This response boosted my confidence to a new level . 
Today's day was full of ups and downs but mostly ups
Now am at Talere, sindhudurg at Dr. Mr and Mrs Bavadhankar place.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Day 3 Khed to Hatkhamba (115 kilometres)

Riding 100+ in a Day
26 December 2015
Today was a day of climbing an 'uphill ' task !
Started at 6 am -in the mornings distances get covered faster Reached parshuram at 9:30 and had breakfast.
Prachi & Vijay Mahabal
10:00 reached chiplun where I met Vijay Mahabal & Prachi Mahabal From here I continued on to sawarde where I had lunch Next stop sangmeshwar 30 kms away.
Climb.....testing my strength

It was 3 the sun bearing down on me and the daunting ghats lined up ahead First up was bhoste ghat . This one was fairly easy so got done with it quickly Pedalling got a little difficult Nevertheless it was a good experience enroute people eagerly come ask and keep motivating me Something different being done on this self exploration journey !

Now stationed at zarewadi 5 kms from hatkhamba titha.
I am staying at shailesh gotad's place. They are extremely warm specially Shailesh's mother..they are taking very good care of me.

All in all it was a fantastic day.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Day 2 ( Indapur to Khed ) 90 kilometres

25th December 2015

Today I started early morning at 7. Had some Misal (Maharastrian breakfast) at Lonere. From there I rode till Mahad.
top left:Bhutkar Family Top Right: Pawan Chandak
remaining all from Mahad  
I met Shalaka and Rahul Varange. To my surprise I saw Press reporters and some of my other friends. A little chitchat flew away the time. Had my lunch with Prashant Bhutkar and his family. Now was the renowned Kashedi ghat. The sun was burning bright already. The journey took a mere couple of hours, and 
it wasn't that exhausting.

From Kashedi top I was all alone. The real journey begins from here.
I reached bharna naka at 6 in the evening. Now I'm staying with Bhosale family in Khed. Such nice people to be with.
Today was a great, keeping aside the heat we experienced while climbing the Ghat. Overall it was an amazing day.

Day 1 (Panvel to Indapur ) 92 kilometres

24 December 2015

Started early in the morning today. Many people came to see me go. To say farewell. To say bon voyage.
Your support is My Motivation
Few of them accompanied me further.  We all had breakfast at kharpada. Dad came along for few more miles and left. But his words were repeating in my mind and they will for next 21 days. They will tell me to look back while leaving. They will tell me to greet people like he alwys does.

Cycling at my own pace was fun but pressure too. Reached nagothane at 12. Had some lunch at hotel ruchi. Riding alone was a different experience. After riding for 5 hours and 30 minuets reached indapur at 4 o'clock.
Mr. & Mrs. AAKAR ;)
Staying at aakar arts with Mr & Mrs. Kulkarni.

Now on my way to bed but there won't be any dreams tonight, as i am living one already.

One Day before the ride

23  December 2015

My journey begins tomorrow. A feeling of anxiety has been in my mind since the morning. My mind was filled with thoughts, the people coming to see me were giving me advices both positive and negative-to the extent of not starting my journey. I was looking at this tiff of thoughts and advices as a third person and laughing over. I had set my mind and this was my own dream to test both my mental and physical capabilities.
Organising what I'm taking
 Today's day was long and refused to cease. Since morning I had started working on my stuff. And in all this confusion Sachin Gaonkar specially came to meet me and help me out. His huge experience and guidance helped increasing my confidence. Mrs. Sunita Kumbhakarna (has cycled the Goa-Kanyakumari  route with Vandana Bhavsar) also came to meet me.
 She gave me an insight on the do's and don't s from the woman's point of view during this journey. Mr. Parkar sir and Mr. Gondhalekar sir helped boost my morale with their sweet words. Senior Police Inspector of the Crime Branch, Mr. Pol Sir assured me of complete cooperation and help from the Police. It was 23:00 in the night and I was still packing. In all this my aunt was consistently bringing me more n more of food to pack. 
Finally at 00:30 my cycle was ready.
The day had now ended for me. Now there were hardly a few hours for my ride to begin.....

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

"A Brief Intro"

I P'ride

Myself Prisiliya Dhananjay Madan.

Currently pursuing MSc in computer science. Cycling and mountaineering was a gift I received from my father's interest. Because of this I've completed courses like basic mountaineering, advanced mountaineering and methods of instructions. With all I've also participated in a cycling expedition starting from Manali, and ending at Khardungla. A group of 87 female cyclists pedaled their cycles together to emboss our names in the Limca book of records. Since then I started wondering about what's next; as it concluded me on a line,
"I P'ride" 

Just to inspire this thought further, a girl named Rubina had came to India cycling her way far from the west. She came to Mumbai alone on her bike from France. This was when all the thoughts started to take a swing on the other side.
I lacked the courage to complete a journey alone. My confidence was boosted because of a cycling expedition we completed last year. Five of us cycled from Panvel to Konark.

I thought of doing something alone now. To cross the borders of different states and cultures, by getting out of my own comfort zone. This time the journey will stretch from Panvel to Kanyakumari (approximately 1700 kilometres). I'll be making my way through different parts of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the various natural and cultural diversities. This journey will last for the span of 18-20 days. On this solo self sported tour I'll be carrying the tagline, "I P'ride."

So I will set my wheels for Kanyakumari on 24th of December 2015, to fulfil the diary of my adventure and Make some memory of my own.

- Prisiliya Dhananjay Madan.