Saturday, 26 December 2015

Day 3 Khed to Hatkhamba (115 kilometres)

Riding 100+ in a Day
26 December 2015
Today was a day of climbing an 'uphill ' task !
Started at 6 am -in the mornings distances get covered faster Reached parshuram at 9:30 and had breakfast.
Prachi & Vijay Mahabal
10:00 reached chiplun where I met Vijay Mahabal & Prachi Mahabal From here I continued on to sawarde where I had lunch Next stop sangmeshwar 30 kms away.
Climb.....testing my strength

It was 3 the sun bearing down on me and the daunting ghats lined up ahead First up was bhoste ghat . This one was fairly easy so got done with it quickly Pedalling got a little difficult Nevertheless it was a good experience enroute people eagerly come ask and keep motivating me Something different being done on this self exploration journey !

Now stationed at zarewadi 5 kms from hatkhamba titha.
I am staying at shailesh gotad's place. They are extremely warm specially Shailesh's mother..they are taking very good care of me.

All in all it was a fantastic day.

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