Friday, 25 December 2015

One Day before the ride

23  December 2015

My journey begins tomorrow. A feeling of anxiety has been in my mind since the morning. My mind was filled with thoughts, the people coming to see me were giving me advices both positive and negative-to the extent of not starting my journey. I was looking at this tiff of thoughts and advices as a third person and laughing over. I had set my mind and this was my own dream to test both my mental and physical capabilities.
Organising what I'm taking
 Today's day was long and refused to cease. Since morning I had started working on my stuff. And in all this confusion Sachin Gaonkar specially came to meet me and help me out. His huge experience and guidance helped increasing my confidence. Mrs. Sunita Kumbhakarna (has cycled the Goa-Kanyakumari  route with Vandana Bhavsar) also came to meet me.
 She gave me an insight on the do's and don't s from the woman's point of view during this journey. Mr. Parkar sir and Mr. Gondhalekar sir helped boost my morale with their sweet words. Senior Police Inspector of the Crime Branch, Mr. Pol Sir assured me of complete cooperation and help from the Police. It was 23:00 in the night and I was still packing. In all this my aunt was consistently bringing me more n more of food to pack. 
Finally at 00:30 my cycle was ready.
The day had now ended for me. Now there were hardly a few hours for my ride to begin.....

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  1. Wow, incredible! Enjoyed reading about your preparation for this epic journey!
    - Tanuja Nadkarni