Tuesday, 22 December 2015

"A Brief Intro"

I P'ride

Myself Prisiliya Dhananjay Madan.

Currently pursuing MSc in computer science. Cycling and mountaineering was a gift I received from my father's interest. Because of this I've completed courses like basic mountaineering, advanced mountaineering and methods of instructions. With all I've also participated in a cycling expedition starting from Manali, and ending at Khardungla. A group of 87 female cyclists pedaled their cycles together to emboss our names in the Limca book of records. Since then I started wondering about what's next; as it concluded me on a line,
"I P'ride" 

Just to inspire this thought further, a girl named Rubina had came to India cycling her way far from the west. She came to Mumbai alone on her bike from France. This was when all the thoughts started to take a swing on the other side.
I lacked the courage to complete a journey alone. My confidence was boosted because of a cycling expedition we completed last year. Five of us cycled from Panvel to Konark.

I thought of doing something alone now. To cross the borders of different states and cultures, by getting out of my own comfort zone. This time the journey will stretch from Panvel to Kanyakumari (approximately 1700 kilometres). I'll be making my way through different parts of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the various natural and cultural diversities. This journey will last for the span of 18-20 days. On this solo self sported tour I'll be carrying the tagline, "I P'ride."

So I will set my wheels for Kanyakumari on 24th of December 2015, to fulfil the diary of my adventure and Make some memory of my own.

- Prisiliya Dhananjay Madan.