Friday, 25 December 2015

Day 2 ( Indapur to Khed ) 90 kilometres

25th December 2015

Today I started early morning at 7. Had some Misal (Maharastrian breakfast) at Lonere. From there I rode till Mahad.
top left:Bhutkar Family Top Right: Pawan Chandak
remaining all from Mahad  
I met Shalaka and Rahul Varange. To my surprise I saw Press reporters and some of my other friends. A little chitchat flew away the time. Had my lunch with Prashant Bhutkar and his family. Now was the renowned Kashedi ghat. The sun was burning bright already. The journey took a mere couple of hours, and 
it wasn't that exhausting.

From Kashedi top I was all alone. The real journey begins from here.
I reached bharna naka at 6 in the evening. Now I'm staying with Bhosale family in Khed. Such nice people to be with.
Today was a great, keeping aside the heat we experienced while climbing the Ghat. Overall it was an amazing day.

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