Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Day 6 (Madure to Margoa ) 75 kilometres

Welcome GOA (500+ Done)
29 December 2015

Today morning it was cold (brr) so started late by 8:00 am meaning the rest of the ride took place in the sun 
After small ups and downs ( the usual) reached panjim.
The last few kilometres in panjim got stuck in traffic so much so that no space to stop!
Rode further on but didn't find any place to have lunch so had to satisfy stomach with sandwiches and kafi.
Continued on and reached Margao (goa's 2nd largest city ) by 5:00pm

Here Sunil Raj on behalf of Nehru Yuva Kedra felicitated me ! Plus the ladies of the Women's Unity Group gave me beautiful handmade flowers.

Currently i am living with the Margao railway girl employees at the railway quarters
These girls are amazing !
Nitin Kanitkar kaka helped in getting this accommodation -thank you!
From today onwards matrubasha (marathi) ko bye
Ab rashtriya bhasha ka upyog hoga aage se!
i.e. Hindi

Since it started late today my further plans too got disturbed especially had to climb more time in the sun
But alls well now
Stationed at a nice quite place ....

                                      Can we be the change we want to see?


  1. Blog achchha likhati ho. Keep it up.

  2. Dear Prisiliya,I was on Melghat trek and hence couldn't meet you in person.All the Best for a very Happy & Safe journey.