Sunday, 27 December 2015

Day 4 ( Hatkhamba to Talere ) 97 kilometres

Ups & Downs
27 December 2015

Started off at 6:30 am
Immediately hit a climbing stretch on leaving hathkhamba
Rode on till devadhe where i had breakfast pedalled on further and soon left lanja behind.
Didn't have lunch today as couldn't find place to eat enroute so had aai- made chivda on ghat that came after rajapur. There itself met a family which enquired about what i was doing and also gave me bunch of bananas (help comes in all ways when you need it!)There was no stretch on the ghat which had shade so suffered slightly due to the sun
2:00-2:30 took rest at a petrol pump2:30 - the second sun ride - but now i directly reached kharepatan-enquired about the route till talere at a police chowki- not only did they tell me the route but also gave me the nos. of the police chowkis stationed at Sindhudurga and places i would pass ahead saying that whenever and whatever you need or if you face any problem we are just a call away. Dial without any hesitation there will be car by your side in the shortest possible time !
Goa Calling..

This response boosted my confidence to a new level . 
Today's day was full of ups and downs but mostly ups
Now am at Talere, sindhudurg at Dr. Mr and Mrs Bavadhankar place.

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