Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 10 Mullikatte to Gorigudda (110 kilometres )

Last Day in Karnataka
2 January 2016

Today started as early as 6:15 am.
The route I took was Kundapura, Udupi, Padubiri, Mengaluru and Gorigudda... 
sweet couple 

Just before Mengaluru at Padubori, while I was talking with a juice vendor, I met a couple.
They offered me juice. Had a nice chat with them. The name of the guy was Farukh.
I reached my destination for today, Gorigudda at 3:30 pm.
poojari family

Today I am staying with sharmila poojari.
I got her reference from jaykumar, a friend of my father. 
After freshening up, I washed my clothes.
After that, I ate delicious Fish curry and brown rice. Unlike in Maharashtra, majority of people eat brown rice here in Karnataka.
I ate it for the first time and loved it.
For dessert, I had ice cream.
Then we went to the beach of Mangalore. I have been riding alone for past 10 days. So it was a welcome change to be among a lot of people. Today I saw sunrise and sunset from beach. I was feeling extremely happy at the beach. Just as dusk approached, the crowd slowly dispersed. I have always loved sitting alone on the beach and was able to enjoy that feeling as the evening approached. Just the sea and I.. there still are few people on the beach but they are slightly far from where I am sitting.

Today the Poojari family and I shall be dining outside.
Poojari family is very enthusiastic.
I am feeling blissful.. 
wink emoticon


  1. Mangalore coffee is also very good.Go is nice & our Best Wishes With You.

  2. Hi Priciliya,

    Greetings from Dubai.
    WOW! Am really impressed with your determination!!It's AWESOME what you are doing and wish you all the very best! Will be back to catch up with you on your journeys soon! So long have a fantastic ride!!
    BTW got to know about your blog from Yuwaraj Gurjar and sure glad to be here :)