Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Day 20 In Kanyakumari

Celebrating Youth Day  
12 January 2016

Yesterday I attended many phone calls and messages of my well wishers.. It was a wonderful feeling for me. I washed a lot of my clothes yesterday.
I was so occupied the entire day that I didn't realize when the clock chimed 12 at night. I had decided to wake up late the next day. But, bound by my body clock, I woke up at 5 am. I got up and went to watch the sunrise. However the spot was overcrowded.
I started looking out for a calm place and finally I found it. I prefer to be in a calm place at such pristine time. My morning had started on a very nice note. I came back to my room and packed my stuff.
It was Vivekananda Jayanti and Youth day today. I have no words to describe my feelings about the coincidence that my ride ended on such an occasion. 

I went out at 11:00 am to meet Jaylesh Rajani. He is riding solo from Kanyakumari to Kathmandu. We had a nice chat.

It was 01:30 pm by now. I was invited to a college at 02:30 pm. I reached the college for an interaction session with the college students. I was there for almost 3 hours. It went really smoothly and I felt wonderful.
After that I again went to The Triveni Sangam. I spent time there in precious solitude. Thinking about newer dreams, looking at the vast ocean, I felt the world was limitless in what I could achieve more! I always do things that I love to do. Rather I take time out from my routine schedule to devote some time to do things I am passionate about.
 I am cycling on the streets of Kanyakumari now. Riding my cycle without the panniers(the thing that hold my bag) feels very comfortable. I got so used to riding with the huge weight that I was finding it odd to ride without it.

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