Monday, 4 January 2016

Day 12 Payyanur to Thalessery ( 70 kilometres)

Birthday Celebrations 
4 January 2016

I started at 06:40 am
Today's morning gave me a nice birthday gift. I got along a bit on a wrong way.
I got away from NH17 onto a small road. This road was in a bad state and thus I took more time. But on the other hand because of this I could get a glimpse of the village sides of Kerala. The smaller inner roads are always more fascinating than the highways..
As I moved ahead the road got better with ample shade and huge houses alongside the curvy road. Sometimes getting lost a bit like this is fun.
While reaching Thalassery I got to visit The Thalassery Municipal Stadium. The first match in India was played here..

I reached Thalasseryat 01:45 pm.
Now am staying at Mr. A Balan's home. Again a nice house with sweet people and greenery all around.This family got a surprise cake for my birthday and gifts too.
I became very emotional seeing the love they gave me. I was speechless.

Waking up early morning on my birthday, riding alone on my bicycle watching the Sun rise, celebrating my birthday alone on the route, doing something different out of my routine, meeting new people on my Birthday and staying with them.. All this was altogether a new experience.

I will also thank all of you because of whom I have gained the strength to do all this. And a sorry to all those whose phone calls I couldn't attend..
Be with me just as you all are..
Thanks for all your blessings..

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