Thursday, 7 January 2016

Day 15 Guruvayoor to Thrissur (40 Kilometres )

7 January 2016

Today I had planned to visit colleges on the way to interact with the students.
The college in Guruvayoor was 7-8 Kms from where I began and I had been called there at 10:00 am.

The NCC Cadets of Shree Krishna College in Ariyannur near Guruvayoor greeted me with salutes.. I had a nice interaction with the students..

 When the students came to know about my journey all flocked together to chat. Many even clicked selfies with me and gave me best wishes for my journey ahead. I left from there at 11:30am and continued my ride.

I moved ahead 25 Kms to reach St. Mary's Women's College in Thrissur. I reached the place at 01:30pm I got a similar welcome at this college too. I enjoyed answering all the questions these girls asked me. All of them were curious to know about me and my ride.
The faculty of these colleges had asked me to motivate the students to come out of their comfort zones and to try something innovative in their lives. The responses of all the students were great. My ride was altogether a different concept for them. It was a very different experience for me too. I enjoyed it a lot.

The college girls here did not have specific uniforms. They had a dress code but had a liberty to choose colours. I liked this concept.
After these college visits I started riding again and went further to Mrs. Sudha's home. She is a lecturer in Shree Krishna College. I had decided to stay at her place today. We went to visit nearby temples in the evening.

 I liked a few things about all the temples here. The temples are damn clean. The people have carefully preserved the original structure of these temples. All follow the temple rules, right from the dress code. I took this as a chance to wear traditional dress today. After a long time I wore something else than my track pants and t-shirts and jersey which I wear usually while riding

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