Sunday, 10 January 2016

Day 18 Kayamkulam to Vazuthakad 110 Kilometres

Nothing comes Easy
10 January 2016

Today, by 07:00 am reporters from a local channel in Kayamkulam were supposed to arrive for a short interview. Unfortunately they didn't arrive and I had to start my ride after a wait of 20 minutes for them. Today again my destination was 100+ Kms away and I had started late

I started with a good speed but had to face heavy headwind today. I had delicious dosas and egg curry for my breakfast on the way.
The route was plain terrain till Kollam. I reached Kollam by 10:00 am. I enjoyed a banana shake there.

Now the road had a lot of climbs and descends ahead. It reminded me that the end is always tougher. Some people on the way today tried to trouble me by trying to eve tease me while on their bikes. But it did not get worse. I had to ignore it and keep cool as a part of my ride.
I was getting tired due to the continuous headwind. But I reached my destination by 05:30 pm.

Today I am staying at Mr. Prakash's home. He took me for a programme. Here, every Sunday people gather on the street for cultural and art performances. This has been a speciality of this place since 2001. Mr. Prakash introduced me to everyone here. I spoke a few words about myself and my ride. The streets are free from vehicles during this programme.
It felt nice to be there.

Today's day taught me that nothing comes easy in life. It tests us till we complete it.

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