Friday, 8 January 2016

Day 16 Trissur to Ernakulam ( Vyttila) 85 Kilometres

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8 January 2016

Before starting the ride I saw today's News Paper ( in Malayalam) And Mrs. Sudha showed me an article written for me in Matrubhumi Newspaper. After taking a glance at it and understanding its meaning from her I started my ride at 06:20 am.

Since morning I met people wishing me hello and good day. By now many people in these areas have become aware of my ride. Vehicular traffic is less in this part of my ride and so are the problems I face because of it. People today gave me way in the traffic and wished me luck for my journey. Today's route was without much of climbs and descends, this helped me catch a good speed. I had my packed breakfast on the way and moved ahead

After cycling for 2 hours I waited to have fruits. The orange seemed to be juicier. There was no shade on the route, a small tree was where I could wait for this break.
I checked my cellphone and received a call there. I was connected On Air at a Local FM Radio Station. The RJ took a small telephonic interview and a brief informal chat. It was a very nice experience for me.

Moving ahead I halted to drink fresh sugarcane juice. I made friends with two well wishers here, ( Vishnu G and Tony Kuriakose) they had a chat with me and sponsored my juice.
I now started back my ride. I reached Ernakulam at 12:30 pm. I met Mr. Ajith Varma here. He works in a bike store. He invited me to see his shop. I had time and I decided to visit the shop. There I met people and had a nice conversation with everyone. We all had lunch together. By this time Mrs. Shobha arranged for my stay at Mrs. Jayanthy's place. Post lunch I rode for 7 kms to reach Mrs. Jayanthy's place. I am staying with Mrs. Shobha for tonight. This contact is through Shree Krishna College's NCC Professor.

Today's day was pleasant.

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